• Nikibiki Active Wear

    16 April, 2015 0 Comment

    A new lineup of Nikibiki Active Wear has come to Repeat Possessions! If you’re like me, now is just about right for a new set of workout clothes to welcome the summer! Nikibiki Sport has a great selection of new sports tops and yoga pants that are form-fitting and extremely comfortable. Perfect for your next workout and training for a summer at the pool or beach. Here’s a preview!

    Nikibiki Sport Adjustable Sports Bra is great for any body type because you can adjust the straps. This top can be worn as a bra top or under your regular workout tops too. The adjustable sports bra is also made out of the same signature seamless Nikibiki material as their camisoles.

    Nikibiki Active Wear Adjustable Sports Bra Active Wear Nikibiki Adjustable Sports Bra Back

    If you like a little more coverage, you’ll like Nikibiki Sport Basic Crop Top! Like the adjustable sports bra, the 4-way stretch allows for comfort. And the signature seamless material manages moisture, keeping you dry throughout your workout

    Active Wear Nikibiki Basic Crop Top Active Wear Nikibiki Basic Crop Top Back

    Nikibiki has also introduced a matching Tie Dye Racer Back Sports Bra and Tie Dye Yoga Pants. If you’re looking for a set, look no further!

    Active Wear Nikibiki Tie Dye Sports Bra Active Wear Nikibiki Tie Dye Yoga Pants

    Interested in other options? Check out Nikibiki Sport for more styles and colors of active wear for an upgrade on your workout clothes!

  • Mani Monday: Earth Day Nail Art

    13 April, 2015 0 Comment

    Earth day is next week! Time to celebrate our blue planet and remember to take care of it! In addition to recycling, reducing water use, and planting something green, a great way to celebrate Earth Day is with some cute nail art! I’ve peek around the internet and found my top 5 favorite Earth Day Nail Art designs! Check them out below!

    earth day nail art


    Love this sparkling blue and green look from Kasey Campa. The accent nail is a tiny Earth which makes this look subtle and fun for Earth Day!

    earth day nail art


    Along the same lines as the look before, this design by Starfish OnThe Beach features an accent nail with Earth, but in a cute heart shape! Add some galaxy colors to the rest of the nails and you’ve got a look thats out of this world! Haha, sorry, couldn’t help myself!



    Feeling a bit more painty and brave? Try this look from Copycat Claws with the entire earth featured on the thumb nail and patches of earth in blue and green on the rest!


    earth day nail artLast but not least, we have a cute little peek of Earth in space from Kizzy¬†and the words “Earth Day” on the thumb. So cute!


    So there you have it! Which is your favorite Earth Day Nail Art design? Have one you want to share? Send it to us on Facebook!


  • Headband Hairstyles

    08 April, 2015 0 Comment

    Whoever thinks that headbands are a thing of the past (or just for little girls) will reconsider when she gets a glimpse of some of the headband hairstyle trends that have become popular.

    Here are some of my favorite headband hairstyles that I have seen popular amongst celebs and local fashionistas. Try some of these styles when you’re at a loss for what to do with your hair! Many of these ideas are great for the spring, incorporating headbands with floral patterns and pastel shades. Others are also great for the summer, keeping your hair out of your face and off your neck to keep cool.

    This first style is actually used to create curls after a night’s sleep. But I think that it is just as cute as a hairstyle all on its own! Try the Chignon Headband look for one day and release your curls for the next!

    Headband Hairstyle: Chignon Headband

    If you’d rather not roll up all of your hair in your headband, another option is the Tuck and Cover Half. Leaving half of your hair down while tucking the top half into your headband makes for another cute style.

    Headband Hairstyles: Tuck and Cover Half

    As you can see with this style, sometimes a headband is just great with certain types of hairdos – like this messy braid!

    Headband Hairstyles: Messy Braid

    Here are a few other hairstyles via Style Caster that just look great with a headband! The style on the left is great for any casual, bohemian look. I love the updo in the middle for its slight fifties flair! And it might be too warm for a chunky winter headband for some of us. But if you’re in a part of the US of A where the snow refuses to stop falling, winter headbands make for a cute alternative to earmuffs and knitted beanies and hats!

    Headband Hairstyles: Boho Headband Hairstyle: 50s Chic Headband Hairstyle: Winter Headband

    And we can’t talk about headband hairstyles without including festival chic options! Here are three of my favorites.

    1. PoPular Haircuts – just shift all of your hair to one side for a sultry, sexy look and add a thin headband that loops around your forehead instead of around the top of your head. Boho-chic!

    Festival headband hairstyle

    2. Hair and Makeup by Steph’s Braided Headband Updo is another great style for festival season. She even includes a tutorial that is easy to follow on her blog. Just follow the link!

    Braided Headband Updo

    3. Last but not least, I love the Freckled Fox’s Headscarf Roll! It doesn’t hurt that she has a beautiful shade of red hair. Check out her blog for a step by step tutorial on how to achieve your own Headscarf roll.Headscarf Roll