• The Red Zipper

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    Chanel has 2 interwoven C’s, Polo has a horse and Etienne Marcel has The Red Zipper

    French designer Etienne Marcel is breaking into the denim and fashion world in a powerful way. Celebrities like Beyonce, have been seen in photo shoots in their apparel. But right now, we’re going to focus on the Red Zipper pants tearing up the celeb scene these days.

    Etienne Marcel Denim Red Zipper

    EM_7010 The Red ZipperThe straight leg fitted jeans are made of a Italian stretch denim. This gives you that fabulous fit which allows you to move without the unsightly gathered section of denim on the creases under the hip bone or behind the knee. That sleek shape desired by all. Etienne Marcel has their signature red sipper on all denim, but these EM7010′s offer the red zipper around the ankle so they can be spotted a mile away.

    Made with: 74% cotton- 24% Polyamide - 2% elasthane






    As you can see Gigi Hadid, one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Yolanda Foster’s daughter, has been photographed wearing her Etienne Marcel Denim. Proudly displaying her Red Zipper!

    Gigi Hadid and Yoland EM Denim Red Zipper Gigi Hadid EM Denim Red Zipper

    And Gigi isn’t the only one rocking the Red Zipper. Singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, and philanthropist, Nicole Scherzinger has been enjoying the company of other notable celebs while sporting Etienne Marcel Denim too! Just hanging out with Kelly Osbourne and Dionne Warwick. You know, no biggie.

    Nicole Scherzinger EM Red Zipper with Kelly OsbourneNicole Scherzinger EM Red Zipper Nicole Scherzinger EM Red Zipper with Dionne Warwick


    And don’t be afraid to tuck them away in boots. Perfect look for traveling. No one will ever know they are the same jean. 2 outfits in one.

    photo 2

    So head over to Repeat Possessions for more designs by Etienne Marcel and more Red Zippers!

  • Bama + Ry Necklaces

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    Bama + Ry Necklace California

    Have you seen the new Bama + Ry Necklaces at Repeat Possessions?

    You might have glanced at Bama + Ry’s Custom California Necklace in our earlier post about our favorite tributes to the state of California!

    If you didn’t get a chance to explore Friday Favorite’s about the Golden State, you may not know that Bama + Ry customizes its necklaces so that you can choose exactly where your heart lies in California! And this Bama + Ry necklace comes on an 18″ rustic copper ball chain.

    Did you leave your heart in San Francisco like Tony Bennett? Or maybe it’s farther south!

    But Bama + Ry isn’t only celebrating our love for sunny California!


    Bama + Ry Necklace Fueled by Caffeine

    All of the hard workers out there will appreciate this Bama + Ry necklace! It is just one of those perfect statements of absolute truth!

    And like the California state necklace, you can customize the Bama + Ry Fueled by Caffeine and Dreams necklace as well! The hand-stamped pendant is made to order in your choice of brass, nickel, or copper. And they’ll come on matching 24″ chains.







    Bama + Ry Necklace Running


    Last but not least is the Bama + Ry Necklace inspired by all of the dedicated runners out there!

    The Bama + Ry Custom Running Necklace has sweet little charms featuring the designated distance on an oval copper piece, a lime-colored pearl, and a silver-toned two-sided wing so you don’t have to worry about which side is facing! And you can customize the distance you would like recorded!

    Whether you run marathons or half-marathons or have just finished your first 10k or 5k, it’s an accomplishment! You should be proud!

    All findings are silver plate and the 18″ ball chain that accompanies this piece is made of stainless steel.

  • Wedding Accessories

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    I know so many people preparing for their big day! Flowers, invitations and the cake are important but everyone focuses on the bride! Wedding accessories add a personal touch to the white wedding dress! And the two most important categories of wedding accessories are definitely: The Veil and The Shoes.

    The Veil

    I think one of the first questions that always pops up is, “What do I do about the veil?” Nowadays it’s pretty common to see a lot of substitutions for the traditional veil. I’ve seen veils tucked into the top of a bun or mass of intricate curls sitting atop the beautiful bride’s head.

    Wedding Accessories: Bun Veil Bun Veil 2

    Nevertheless, more traditional wedding veils haven’t lost their charm! Especially when you’re as chic as Kate Middleton!

    Traditional Veil Kate Middleton Wedding Accessories: Traditional Veil

    But the more bohemian at heart have donned lovely headbands and headpieces as the wedding “veil” of their preference!

    Wedding Accessories: Bohemian Headband Floral Headband Wedding Accessories: Bohemian Headband 2

    Deepa Gurnani has several beautiful headbands perfect for a Bohemian wedding!

    Deepa Gurnani Hair Accessories

    There are veils that also cater to the bohemian crowd too!

    Wedding Accessories: Bohemian Veil 1  Bohemian Veil 3

    Bohemian Veil 2

    And we can’t forget about tiaras for those who always wanted to be princesses. A tiara is the most fitting wedding “veil” for a bride who has found her prince charming!

    Lately retro-chic fascinators have hit the scene as well. These are perfect for summer, especially if you will have your wedding in a particularly hot area. You won’t have to worry about sweating under the fabric of a regular veil.

    The Shoes

    Normally you can’t see the bride’s shoes underneath the wedding gown, but occasionally you get a glimpse! Most people keep it traditional ~ wearing a classic white heel in their style of choice! But traditional white doesn’t mean boring! I love these next few twists: a little bling on the left, commemoration in the middle, and beautiful, embroidered lace on the right!

    Wedding Accessories: White Heels 1 White Heels 2 White Heels 3

    My friend was very clever regarding her wedding heels. An Oregon Duck, she wore green and yellow heels beneath her dress, showing off her pride in her alma mater and matching the color scheme of her wedding!

    Wedding Accessories: Colorful Heels Colorful Heels 2

    Wedding Accessories: Group Colorful Heels

    Of course, you can always ditch the heel! I’m quite a fan of the idea myself since I still don’t walk too gracefully while wearing heels. I have always loved boots in all shapes and forms, so I think I’d consider them if I ever got married.

    Wedding Accessories: Boots

    But these Converse and Toms look like close seconds!

    Wedding Converse Wedding Toms

    If you’d rather forgo the heel, you can match your shoes with your wedding colors with help from BCN Brand Leather Sneakers!

    BCN Brand Leather Shoes