• Holiday Gift Guide: Gift Sets

    25 November, 2014 0 Comment

    The holidays are fast approaching! Not sure what to get for a certain someone? Repeat Possessions has several holiday gifts sets that would bring smiles to all your yoga and sports-loving friends and family!

    We’ve got Nikibiki Seamless Holiday Gift Sets for the seasons, including a special racer-back three-piece set for the fall. It might be a little too early for spring, but the Spring Holiday Gift Set features gorgeous pastel colors, great for any fans of that soft, feminine look!

    Holiday Gift Set: Fall Racer-Back Holiday Gift Set: Nikibiki Spring Set Holiday Gift Set: Basic Beauty Nikibiki Seamless Camisole

    The five-piece clothing Nikibiki Seamless gift set is also a great way to spoil friends and family with the all the wardrobe staples in the comfortable and versatile Nikibiki seamless material. And the All-American Nikibiki Seamless Camisole Set is great for all of the self-proclaimed all-American gals!

    Holiday Gift Sets: 5-Piece Seamless Set Holiday Gift Set: All-American Nikibiki Seamless Camisole Set

    If any of your friends and family are huge NFL fans, you might like our NFL Team Color Holiday Gift Sets! Make sure everyone is prepared for Game Day with NFL Team Color Sets. Every week, Repeatpo will update the sets with new teams, so look out for your favorite team! Currently, fans of the Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Buffalo Bills, and Carolina Panthers will be pleased to see Nikibiki Seamless Camisole Sets in their team colors!

    Holiday Gift Sets: NFL Arizona Cardinals Seamless Camisole Set Holiday Gift Sets: NFL Atlanta Falcons Seamless Camisole Set Holiday Gift Sets: NFL Buffalo Bills Seamless Camisole Set Holiday Gift Sets: NFL Carolina Panthers Seamless Camisole Set


  • Do’s and Dont’s of Pattern Mixing

    21 November, 2014 0 Comment

    When you’re feeling brave, you may opt for pattern mixing. While pattern mixing can be avant-garde, it can more often than not become an overwhelming fashion faux pas! To help you navigate the subtle ways of pattern mixing, we’ve listed a few do’s and don’ts that can make or break your outfit!

    1. DO Create Balance

    Balancing Patterns Balancing Patterns 2 Balancing Patterns 3

    Create balance by making sure that your patterns don’t compete with each other! In other words don’t wear patterns that are all large or in some way or another intense. Pair your larger or more involved patterns with smaller patterns!

    2. DO Use Patterns within the Same Color Family

    Same Color Family Same Color Family 2 Same Color Family 3

    When you use similar colors throughout your various patterns, your outfit will have a more harmonious look than if you use too many different colors. With too many colors going on, you may appear too loud or disorienting! So be careful and stick to colors in the same family. So different shades and hues of one color are a Do!

    3. DO Break Up Patterns with Solids

    1Pattern Mixing: Solids 1Pattern Mixing: Solids 2 1Pattern Mixing: Solids 3

    We all know that patterns can overwhelm the eyes when we don’t get a little break from all the stimulation! So don’t forget that when you’re pattern mixing. Make sure to introduce solids. Something as simple as a belt in a solid color can often do the trick!

    4. DO Use Small Accents or Subtlety

    Pattern Mixing: Subtleties Pattern Mixing: Subtleties 2  Pattern Mixing: Subtleties 3

    If you’re a little unsure about mixing your patterns, don’t be afraid to take baby steps. Incorporating various patterns into your accessories is a great way to mix patterns. Also, who isn’t a fan of subtlety? Oftentimes, it’s the subtle things that catch our attention!

    5. DON’T Use the Same Scale

    Pattern Mixing: Mixing Scale Pattern Mixing: Mixing Scale 2 Pattern Mixing: Mixing Scale 3

    This is similar to creating balance. But just in case it wasn’t quite clear: it is best not to use patterns that incorporate, for example, both thick stripes up top and down below!

    6. DON’T Forget Texture

    1Pattern Mixing: Texture 1Pattern Mixing: Texture 2 1Pattern Mixing: Texture 3

    Like solids, fabrics of different textures can add a bit of variety or add a break to your patterns.

    7. DO Experiment with the Fabulous Four

    Fabulour Four 2 Fabulour Four 4 Fabulour Four 3Fabulour Four

    Try out combinations of the fabulous four: Stripes, Polka-Dots, Leopard Print, and Floral Print!

    8. DO Be Bold – Mix More than Two Patterns!

    Multiple Patterns  Multiple Patterns 3 Multiple Patterns 2

    For those of us with a little more verve, don’t be afraid to flaunt creative combinations of multiple prints and patterns! Be sure to check out Repeat Possessions for leopard print, stripes, polka-dots, and plaid!

  • Studded Embellishments

    20 November, 2014 0 Comment

    At Repeat Possessions there is a variety of beautiful new items and staples featuring studded embellishments that add a unique touch to well-loved classics! The studded embellishments on all of the brands have been carefully crafted so as to last the wear and tear of everyday life and the tumble of the washing machine! So you can count on the quality of these lovely pieces!

    Star-Studded Yoga Pants

    Studded Embellishments - T-Party Henna Yoga Pants Studded Embellishments -T-Party  Vintage Rhinestone Yoga Pants

    T-Party Henna Embellished Yoga Pants have a gorgeous design that sets it apart from your average yoga pants. With a dedication to comfort and functionality, T-Party Yoga Pants won’t disappoint you. The T-Party Vintage Rhinestone Yoga Pants also feature a unique geometric design incorporating the studded embellishments we love!

    Star-Studded Leggings

    Studded Embellishments - FG Black Leggings Studded Embellishments - FG Navajo Design Studded Embellishments - Vocal Mineral Wash Leggings Studded-Embellishments Vocal Robot Print Leggings

    As you can see, Repeatpo’s variety of leggings with studded embellishments is hardly lacking! Above you can get a glimpse at the beautifully designed FG and Vocal leggings available at Repeat Possessions. While the FG Black Studded Leggings and the Vocal Mineral Wash Leggings feature rhinestones throughout the whole design, the FG Navajo Design Leggings and Vocal Robot Print Leggings feature rhinestones lining the sides of each leg to create unique geometric designs.

    Star-Studded Tops

    Studded Embellishments - T-Party Ombre Cowl Neck Studded Embellishments - T-Party Ruffled Cowl Neck Studded Embellishments - Peekaboo Blouse with Beaded Collar

    T-Party Apparel doesn’t only offer star-studded yoga pants! The gorgeous studded T-Party Ombre Cowl Neck Top appears as if stars are twinkling in the night sky while the T-Party Ruffled Cowl Neck Top is easy to dress up or down because of the elegant design of rhinestones scattered along the front. If you’re looking for something for a night out, we’d recommend LUSH’s Peek-a-boo Blouse! A little bit of shoulder doesn’t hurt!

    For more Star-Studded Designs check out Repeat Possessions!