• Sharknado Party – Part 2

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    As promised, I wanted to include a second post about our Sharknado 1st Birthday Party, with a tutorial on how I made the actual Sharknado prop. You’ll have to forgive me, this tutorial isn’t the best because I was kind of making it up as I went but I did my best to take a few progress pictures to give you an idea. Feel free to ask questions in the comments section if you need more help!

    sharknado diy

    Cardboard Sharknado Prop DIY:

    What You’ll Need:

    • Large pieces of cardboard
    • Grey Spray Paint
    • Black Spray Paint
    • Acrylic Sealer Spray
    • Small Paint Brush
    • Hot Glue Gun
    • White Paint
    • Black Craft Foam
    • White Craft Foam
    • Duct Tape
    • Quilters Batting
    • Scissors
    • Exacto Knife
    • Printer


    I had no idea where to start making my large 3d shark head. Luckily a quick google search led me to this tutorial by Robert Sabuda : Pop Up Shark Card. You can get the template here. I took the template for the head of the shark and blew it up to a size I liked to fit over an adult head. This will sound crazy, but I blew it up 500%, but you can test it out and see what works best for you. (below is just a picture of the template, download the full size one above and blow that one up)




    Print our your template. You’ll have to print in tile format and then tape the pieces together, then cut out your final paper template.



    Get your big pieces of cardboard and make your tornado shape. I just free handed it and taped the pieces together as you see below. Mine measures 50″ tall x 29″ wide at the widest part. Then I placed the paper template on to test the size and layout.

    sharknado tornado diy


    This step I went back and forth on. At first I started with craft foam because its much easier to cut. But it was way too floppy and didn’t hold up well once attached to the tornado base, so I went back and cut them out of cardboard instead so it would be more sturdy. It’s up to you though if you can figure out a way to make the craft foam stay in place better.

    sharknado-3 sharknado-2


    Sorry, at this point I got really lazy and just wanted to be finished so I stopped taking progress pictures. But I’ll do my best to explain it in detail. First, spray paint your shark pieces gray, do both sides and let dry. Do a few more coats so its nice and covered. Then, take a smaller paint brush and paint the teeth white. That will also need a few coats. Once it’s all dry, give it a coat of your sealer spray. Next, cut out larger black circles for the eyes and tiny white circles for the pupil things (do sharks have pupils?). Hot glue those together and then glue to the shark head. I give it one more spray of sealer just to give the eyes a little shine.



    Now that the head is done, cut a hole in the tornado that fits the head. Don’t attach it yet though, you need to wrap the tornado before hand. Take your quilters batting. I started by cutting off a piece that was just larger than the tornado and then started gathering and pinching it around the base. To attach it, I stretched it around the back and hot glued in place. WARNING: you will burn your fingers on hot glue about a thousand times, but it’s worth it. Keep adding pieces until you’ve covered the entire base. Hot glue some pieces down on the front so they stay in place. Now take your gray and black spray paint and give a light dusting of each to create the ominous cloud look. Let dry.


    Now, taking the tabs on the shark base into the hole you cut in the base, attach them to the back of the tornado and duct tape them down. Use a lot here, the head is kind of heavy and will need the support.


    Now that your main shark is in place, its time to find him some friends! Hop on your computer and look for large images of random sharks . Print them, cut them out, and attach to the tornado with pieces of duct tape.


    Congrats! Your Sharknado is ready for mayhem!




    Here’s the little shark of honor <3





    His smash cake!


    And mini sharknados for everyone else


  • Trend Watch: Leopard Coats

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    I don’t think that leopard print will ever really go out of style. Something about the ferocious feline print has attached itself to the hearts of many! And it is so easy to incorporate for a hint of Fierce! Leopard coats in particular can be seen lining the racks of stores in preparation for the upcoming fall and winter.

    To be frank, I’ve accumulated two leopard coats in my short time. And when I see new styles pop up with the current trend, I can’t help but wonder if it would hurt to purchase just one more leopard coat! I try my best to restrain myself!

    Will you be investing in a new leopard coat this year?

    If you’re on the fence, I’ve collected some of my favorite looks featuring leopard coats that might make it a little easier for you to make a decision ;)

    I love this coat because the intermingling shades of light and dark mimic the fluid, luxurious quality of a real leopard’s fur. I’m also a fan of the slightly over-sized fit as well. The loose fit is easy to dress down as worn here with a pair of dark-wash jeans. But it can also easily be dressed up with a smart little black dress!

    I don’t know what better way to describe this leopard coat except for lush! It  looks so comfortable and warm. And I just love the way it’s worn here ~ accented with a bold statement necklace but allowed to shine paired with a soft gray top and medium-wash jeans.

    Love the shorter length of this leopard coat! And it really is a bold leopard print that stands out. The blazer-feel of this coat seems appropriate for work at the office too. Just pair it with a conservative little black dress or black slacks and a form-fitting white button-down blouse to complete the look. There are tons of different outfits I can imagine for this one! And the boots you can wear with it or any other leopard coat for that matter :)

    But there’s something that can be said for wrapping up in an extra long leopard coat too! And this one hits right at that sweet spot just below the knees.

    This one would also be a stunning addition to the wardrobe. Love that vibrant, almost illuminated print!

    So do you think you’ll hop on board the leopard coat trend? Or add a new style to an already existent selection? One has caught my eye all the way over here in Hong Kong. But it’s still far too hot for me to even entertain trying it on! After sweating so much outdoors, I’d be too worried that I’d be contaminating the integrity of the leopard coat or something! Perhaps, I’ll give it a go once it cools down.

    If you like leopard print in all its forms, you might like our selection here at Repeat Possessions. Here are a few styles from our favorites Nikibiki, Blupepper, and Etienne Marcel Denim. Find more at Repeatpo!

    Nikibiki Leopard Camisole Nikibiki Leopard Dress Blupepper Leopard Blouse Etienne Marcel Denim Leopard


  • Elan Cardigan Outfits

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    Fall weather is on its way! So it’s time for sweaters, boots, and tights. Elan cardigans have beautiful patterns and warm colors that are perfect for the autumn chill. Not only are Elan cardigans cute and fashionable, but they’re also easy to wear with anything from skinny jeans to dresses.

    Elan’s classic 139 cross-over cardigan with hood and pin closure has a gorgeous wine and grey Southwestern hills print. The wool blend is so soft and perfect for evening strolls or cuddling up with a good book or movie and hot chocolate at home!

    Elan Cardigan Wine with JeansElan Cardigan Wine with Dress

    As you can see it looks great with jeans. I’d also recommend a charcoal wash! Or you can pair it with a dark dress and your favorite pair of boots and you’ll be ready for casual date. Versatile and fun, the rich wine Elan Cardigan  will become a staple for your fall wardrobe.

    Fall with Elan

    Elan’s equally comfortable and stylish Aztec Cardigan is another hit at Repeat Possessions! It features a unique geometric Aztec design. And the fabulous sweater has a touch of sparkle due to the sapphire sequins scattered throughout the warm wool blend.

    Elan Cardigan Aztec 1 Elan Cardigan Aztec 2

    Just as versatile as the Elan Southwestern Cardigan, the Aztec Cardigan is a perfect fit for anyone who prefers more neutral tones. Wear it with jeans for a casual day out or couple it with a dark maxi dress for a day at the museum!

    Neutral Fall Tones