How To Make The Most Out Of Your Hike In 4 Easy Steps

31 January, 2016 0 Comment

Spring is almost upon us! It’s time to start shedding those layers of sweaters and bad decisions from over the holidays and get outside for some sunny activities. One of my favorite springtime activities is hiking. It’s not too hot, not too cold, the leaves are turning green, and everyone’s out and about again. If you live somewhere near some hills our mountains, it’s the perfect free workout you can do any day. To help you get started, I’ve put together a little hiking survival guide so you can make the most out of your journey.

Step 1: Cute Workout Gear

Check! Thanks to Repeat Possessions, I’m sporting my favorite Nikibiki Sport Abstract Capris! They have a perfectly placed zipper on the side for your credit card, key, or any other little things you need to bring along with you. Living in Southern California, I’m not one to wear full pants on a hike in the sun all day. The moisture wicking material mixed with the shorter length of the capri is the perfect happy medium in keeping me comfortable all day.

Step 2: Provisions!

RP Blog Granola bar

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Bring plenty of water and snacks! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on a hike and been suddenly overcome by the overwhelming sense of hunger. After all, there aren’t any restaurants on the trails and if I haven’t eaten for an hour I get hangry. Real talk. Depending on the length and intensity of your walk, I’d suggest at least 24 oz of water and some granola bars, dried fruit, or an apple. Stick with snacks that are going to give you energy without weighing you down.

Step 3: Sun Protection


Chances are you are hiking during the day, right? Right. Do yourself a favor and cover yourself in sunscreen before you leave and bring the bottle with you. Sunburns are the worst and can lead to skin cancer and premature aging. Be sure to apply sunscreen every few hours if you’re on a long hike, especially on your face and neck. Secondly, don’t forget your sunglasses! These aviator glasses will do the trick and come in a variety of colors to choose from.

Step 4: Be Safe!

RP Blog hiking

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If you’re embarking on a long hike, especially one with a lack of cell service, bring a buddy! You’ll be there for each other if you get lost or injured. Let someone know when you’re leaving and when you expect to check in with them next. Another safety check- bring a portable phone charger with you. Between taking photos of the trail and anything else you might see on your way, it’s a good idea to have extra battery just in case.

Review of Our Hooded Tribal Print Tunic Sweater

25 January, 2016 0 Comment

RP Blog tunic sweater 2 RP Blog tunic sweater

This Hooded Tribal Print Tunic Sweater is one of my favorite Repeat Possessions purchases! It’s surprisingly light-weight and comfortable without being bulky. The tribal details add a pop of color with an intricate and flattering pattern on the sleeves and hood elevating the classic black silhouette.

I paired mine with some brown leather fringe ankle boots, and my favorite bohemian accessories. You can also throw this over a pair of black leggings and boots with a topknot for a cozier, more casual vibe.

With Festival season coming up, this sweater is a staple for keeping warm on those cool desert nights. Don’t make the mistake of forgetting a cover-up just because it’s 100 degrees during the day. The nights do get cold! Tie this tribal print tunic sweater around your waist with a pair of high waisted shorts or roll it in your festival bag for an easy pullover while you head back to the campgrounds. The tribal pattern is on point with the trends of the Summer, and its lightweight material will keep you warm without being overbearing.

Transition from Winter to Spring with This Dress

18 January, 2016 0 Comment

When it comes to shopping, I tend to look for things that are a little more utilitarian. I LOVE pieces that I can get multiple seasons out of rather than that super cute item that can only be worn when the sun is out at just the right time & my hair falls the right way…we all know those pieces and hopefully have worked to learn our lessons! With that philosophy in mind, I’m here to tell you that this Striped Boat Neck Dress is THE dress that you need to take you seamlessly from winter to spring. It will also take you from spring into summer and from summer to fall but today we’re gonna show how it easily goes from winter to spring!


Here are the styling tips for rocking this great cobalt blue & black dress during winter!

Layer up with a pair of Nikibiki Long Smooth Leggings in Black:


Throw on a denim jean jacket which is a versatile must have that EVERY woman should own! The key to really making this look polished but casual is to pull the sleeves of the dress all the way through then cuff the jacket sleeves up like Zoey is doing in the photo below. This will help to slim the silhouette of the dress & jacket combo.


Time for some cold weather accessories! Slip you feet into a pair of tall gray boots like these from Calvin Klein. Gray is great because it’s a perfect neutral to lighten up any outfit and cobalt blue, black & gray are a great mix of bright, dark and light colors!

Bring in some gray up top and help keep warm & cozy with a gray infinity scarf.

Photo: Nordstrom

Photo: Nordstrom

Add the finishing touches of sparkle to your look with these black crystal earrings. Throw your hair up into a top knot for extra emphasis on the scarf & earrings combo!


Now that you’ve got the styling nailed for winter, here’s how to style the striped dress for those perfect not too hot, not too cold spring days!RP-Blue-Black-Striped-Dress2

Naturally, it’s going to involve less layers but lets start with footwear! Swap the leggings & tall boots for a pair of neutral brown ankle booties.


Photo: Shoe Mall

Next up, we’re swapping the gray cashmere scarf for a more lightweight & colorful scarf to really bring out the fun in this look for spring!

Finish off the look with a final pop of color with this teal Olivia Burton watch.