• Team Spirit and Sorority Spirit

    30 September, 2014 0 Comment

    Now that the school year has commenced again it’s time to show your team spirit and sorority spirit! Spirithoods and sorority colors are just what you need!

    Repeat Possessions has a large assortment of Spirithoods that will help you to show your pride in your team! We currently have Spirithoods of some of the more popular school mascots including the Grey Wolf.

    Team Spirit Grey Wolf Spirithoods

    But if your school has a more obscure mascot, you can also take on the form of other animals to show off your ferocity! We’ve got Leopard, Snow Leopard, Red Fox, and Magic Bear Spirithoods as well!

    Team Spirit Leopard Spirithood Team Spirit Snow Leopard Spirithood Team Spirit Red Fox Spirithood Team Spirit Magic Bear Spirithood

    And for anyone who is an Oregon Duck, you’ll be happy to know that the Oregon Ducks Spirithood is also specially available at Repeatpo! This spirithood is a must-have for all of your upcoming football, hockey, basketball games ~ you name it!

    Oregon Ducks Spirithood And if you’ve got just as much love and enthusiasm for your sorority as you do for your school team, get some staples in the colors of your sorority to show off your spirit! Nikibiki offers their super comfortable and stretchy Seamless Signature Camisoles in over fifty colors!

    Sorority Spirit Nikibiki Camisole

    Here are some example ensembles for Delta Zeta, Zeta Tau Alpha, and Sigma Kappa that combine Nikibiki Camisoles and Bandeau Tops, Beaded Bra Straps, and Kewikase Leather ID Holders!

    Sorority Spirit Delta ZetaSorority Team Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority Team Sigma Kappa



  • BARBIE on Instagram!

    29 September, 2014 0 Comment

    Even though Barbie and I weren’t that tight back in my childhood, I’m still super excited to follow Barbie on Instagram! I’m surprised it took her so long to set up an account! I figured she’d be at the head of the pack with the way she has taken the world of fashion by storm.

    Barbie on Instagram

    Not to mention she’s right up there with Beyoncé in her super woman, queen status! I mean Barbie has done it all. To be precise, Barbie has had about 150 different careers that include anything from performing open-heart surgery to piloting a plane. Some of my favorites growing up were definitely Football Coach Barbie and Baywatch Barbie! She came with a Dolphin of all things! But I didn’t grow up thinking you’d get a dolphin if you became a lifeguard! No, not at all.

    Baywatch Barbie on Instagram

    And how could I not love Rappin’ Rockin’ Barbie and her Rappin’ Rockin’ friends? Having curly hair myself, I appreciated Barbie’s fabulously huge crinkle-hair look. And the dangling bling coupled with the smokin’ hot pleather are more than iconic!

    Rappin Rockin Barbie on Instagram

    The lover of science and exploration in me also had an appreciation for the super cool astronaut Barbie!

    Astronaut Barbie on InstagramAstronaut Barbie on Instagram2

    And we mustn’t forget that Barbie managed to do it all while wearing stilettos and cruising in a hot pink Convertible or Jeep! I still struggle in the classic pump while she balances on two single points. Geez Barbie, you make me look bad.

    Barbie on Instagram Stilettos

    Barbie on Instagram in Convertible

    But as I look through photos of Barbie on Instagram, I notice a few changes from the Barbie of yester-year. For one thing, I remember my Barbies having much more of an hourglass figure – really busty. Today’s Barbies don’t have quite the rack my Barbies did, but they’re still super thin!

    Barbie on Instagram 1990s Barbie on Instagram Today

    And Barbie’s fashion sense really does coincide with the times! In the 1990s, denim was all the rage for Barbie as well as for the general public. Barbie certainly knows how to spot a trend and make it work!

    1990s Denim Fashion 1990s Barbie Fashion

    Nowadays, you can find Barbie on Instagram workin’ the maxi skirt with a smart leather jacket. It’s pretty amazing to think that Barbie and I have been wearing the same clothes throughout so much of our lives. I may not reach the status of Barbie. But perhaps I’m a little more fashionable than I originally thought, considering that Barbie approves of some of my staples!

    Current Fashion Barbie on Instagram Fashion Trend

    I look forward to Barbie’s updates on Instagram! She’s already made an appearance at the New York Fashion Week and collaborated with Moschino, so who knows what she has in store!

    Barbie on Instagram NYFW Barbie on Instagram Moschino Moschino Barbie Moschino Barbie Fashion

  • Friday Favorites: Welcome Fall!

    26 September, 2014 0 Comment

    Fall has officially started this week, and with it, some rain even fell here in northern ca! I have to say, I’m pretty much over summer and ready for sweaters, hot cocoa, and boots! So this week I’ll share my favorites that inspire me this fall.

    Favorite Up-Do: Perfect Pony

    I know you’re not thinking about pony tails when it gets chilly, but hear me out. This adorable pony tail is perfect for those chunky scarves or sweaters when you need your hair out of the way but don’t want to settle for a top knot. It looks a little challenging but totally worth the effort!


    Favorite Style: Leather leggings with sweaters

    I’m going to do my best to wear my favorite leather leggings all winter long! I can’t wait to pair them with a sweater and sneakers like this example. A great way to relax the edginess.


    Favorite Crochet: Cat Butt Coasters!

    At first you might think, gross. But any cat-lover will tell you this is actually adorable. A simple little crochet project if you’re making gifts this year.


    Favorite Decor: Rock collection 

    I happen to have a large collection of rocks from my grandmother AND a type tray like this. I just love how studious this looks. Just have to match the rocks perfectly for that uniform look.


    Favorite Baby Style: Scarves and beanies

    I can’t WAIT for fall baby fashion! I’m dying to wrap Oliver in scarves and beanies with cozy sweaters and boots. So much easier to accessories little boys in winter time!


    Favorite Outdoor: Antler Hose Rack

    I need this in my life. While not a very “fall” thing, this garden hose rack makes me think of reindeer! The gold is just to die for! Can you buy gold garden hoses? Yes you can: here !


    Favorite DIY: Faux fox scarf 

    How cute is this? Now wearing animal skin can be cute and fun! Get the tutorial and free pattern: here. This would also make a great crafting gift!


    Favorite Fall New Arrival: Criss Cross Cardigan

    Love this wrapping cardigan pull over! It’s lightweight, flattering, and goes over all our Nikibiki stuff perfectly! I’ve got mine ordered, what about you?