Show & Tell: Nikibiki Teal Moto Satin Jacket

Hilo! Today I just want to introduce you to one of my new favorite NikiBiki Teal Moto Satin Jacketjackets, the Nikibiki Teal Moto Satin Jacket. My Nikibiki jacket arrived earlier this year. And even though it is starting to get warm, my light-weight jacket is still the perfect coverup for the slightly chilly Southern California evenings.

If you’re interested in the particulars of the Nikibiki Teal Moto Satin Jacket:

It has a zip up front with 2 zip pocket accents.

It has a ribbed waist and cuffs.

It is lined both on the inside and in the sleeves.

It has a decorative brass 2-snap closure at the neck.

It comes in Small, Medium & Large *Runs Small*

Fabric: 50% Polyester, 47% Cotton & 3% Spandex



I love my Nikibiki Teal Moto Satin Jacket because of its versatility. It’s perfect for a climate with less extreme winters like California, because I can pretty much wear it any time of the year. It is light-weight but still kept me warm during the California “winter.” It never got particularly cold this year, but there were a few evenings that were pretty chilly.

Teal is one of my favorite colors, so it fits in nicely with the rest of my wardrobe too! It is a deep, rich teal, so I think that I’d wear it most often during fall and winter. But because it is so easy to pack in my bag since it doesn’t wrinkle and it isn’t very thick, I have worn it this spring. And I can see myself using it during those random, windy summer evenings too! So step into my closet with me to see just how versatile this Nikibiki jacket can be!

Outfit for Spring

NikiBiki Teal Moto Satin Jacket Spring

I think of this moto jacket as biker-chic, but it also looks great with a fun sundress for spring. Pairing it with a sundress that has a full skirt gives the outfit a more feminine and girly look. But a more form-fitting dress like the Nikibiki 3/4 Length Sleeve Seamless Dress would keep the look edgy and cool. I’d complete the outfit with booties, sandals, or wedges!

Outfit for Summer

NikiBiki Teal Moto Satin Jacket Summer

I usually wear lighter colors during the summer, but the teal of the Nikibiki jacket fits in nicely with my pastels, pinks, turquoises, and mints. So I’ll keep it on hand if I know it won’t be warm all day long! And if you were curious, the bag I have featured in the photo is one of many Harajuku Lovers designs!

Outfit for Fall

NikiBiki Teal Moto Satin Jacket Fall

The deep tones of the Nikibiki Teal Moto Satin Jacket go really well with other vibrant colors, both cool and warm like those in my cowl and the red of my boots (You may have begun to notice that I love boots)! The jacket runs a little small, but I actually bought it a size up for a little more layering potential. So it is easy to transition the jacket into fall and winter by wearing a sweater-top for an extra layer of warmth. Here, I’ve included Repeat Possessions’ High Waisted Faux Leather Leggings, completing the biker-chic look!

Outfit for Winter

NikiBiki Teal Moto Satin Jacket Winter

Last but not least, for winter all you need is a little more warmth ~ a scarf, a hat, and some fuzzy boots! In Southern California, a thick wool skirt and some HUE tights are more than enough. Here, I’ve also paired it with my Suburban Riot Kale Sweatshirt. But as you can see in my outfit for fall, a pair of jeggings or skinny jeans would be a great alternative. And anyone residing in a colder region of the globe can throw a coat over the Nikibiki jacket without feeling too bulky!

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