All the Rage Over Marsala

Pantone’s Spring collection for 2015 has been released and one of the up-and-coming trends is Marsala! The earthy tone has the elegance of a glass of wine. Not to mention that this sultry shade of red will attract positive attention. The deep rich color of Marsala allows it to pass as a neutral tone. And as a red, Marsala can be an accent for so many other colors! Marsala Color of 2015

If you’re not accustomed to wearing red in any shape or form, you may be hesitant to include it in your wardrobe. There’s no need to worry with a color like Marsala. The earthy red-brown tone of Marsala, while still packing a punch, offers a little more subtlety and freedom to mix and match. Take a look at these color schemes for ideas on how best to incorporate Marsala into your wardrobe.

Marsala Succulent Color Schemes Marsala Flower Color schemes

As you can see in the color scheme on the left, as one of many different succulent colors, Marsala naturally goes well with other such colors. This scheme is especially great for winter. Here in Hong Kong, mint and julep colored coats, sweaters, and jackets have been trending. Now pair those coats with a Marsala jacket, some tights, or a warm skirt. The gorgeous shade will add some warmth to your winter.

As you can see, the color scheme on the right will be the perfect entrance into spring! Add some shades of bright pink, ivory, and brighter greens for a more vibrant look – bloom like those May flowers if you will!

Blake Lively in Marsala Taylor Swift in Marsala

Here the gorgeous Blake Lively and the Taylor Swift are sporting the color of the year with bright turquoise and blue – another great way to color coordinate and make an appearance during the winter and fall seasons!

Emma Stone in Marsala

And who can ignore the rising starlet, Emma Stone. She definitely pulls off Pantone’s new favorite effortlessly. Her skirt features a slightly lighter shade of Marsala and little gold accents that really bring out the rich shade of her suede jacket!

If you’re looking for the lovely earthen shade, Etienne Marcel and Nikibiki offer the color of the year in wonderful, classic styles that can be dressed up or down!

Etienne Marcel Tunic Dress Nikibiki Seamless Camisole Nikibiki Seamless Dress

And you don’t have to limit the lovely shade to your wardrobe! All you may need may be some eyeshadow or lipstick. Add a little bit of color for a big change!

Marsala eyeshadow 1  Marsala lips  eyeshadow 2

And if you’re really excited about Marsala, you can introduce it to your interior decorating! It really is so lovely and versatile. Just look at these examples. Every room feels warmer and more welcoming with a little bit of Marsala! Welcome to 2015!

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