How to Grow a Succulent Garden

I love succulent gardens. Sure, flower gardens are beautiful. But you definitely need a green thumb for those! Anyone can make a beautiful succulent garden with or without a green thumb. And if you live in a dryer climate like that of southern California or Arizona, a succulent garden will be the perfect option for adding a bit of nature to your home or yard.

Succulent Garden

So let’s get down to business! Generally, the actual creating of the succulent garden is relatively simple! I think that the big question is how you’d like to display your beautiful and charming creation! First, let’s go over the basics of your garden!

Succulent Garden Supplies:

1. Succulents (Get a nice variety! Try to find a diverse assortment of colors too!)

2. Cacti and Succulent Potting Mix (You can find this at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s)

3. Small Rocks to layer the bottom of your container (Soil Cover is a good option)

4. Container (Be creative! Scroll down for some awesome creations using innovative containers)

Succulent Garden VarietiesSucculent Garden Soil Succulent Garden Small Rocks creative succulent garden containers

Instructions for Planting Your Succulent Garden:

1. Lay out your succulents with a pattern in mind beforehand so you can make sure you have the best container.

2. Layer the bottom of your container with small rocks. This will allow for drainage!

3. Next, cover the layer of rocks with a layer of cacti and succulent potting soil. Wet the soil until moist.

4. Arrange your cacti and succulents in the actual soil and cover the soil with another layer of rocks.


Then, you’re finished and all you need to do is add water when the soil dries up!

Just in case you’d like a visual, we’ve included this short tutorial: How to Make a Succulent Garden.

But don’t limit yourself to a small contained succulent garden! If you have the room for it outside, I’d recommend these beautiful and innovative arrangements!

1. Old-Fashioned Wagon (A personal favorite! It’s adorable!)

Old Fashioned Wagon Succulent Garden

2. An Old Pair of Shoes (This one is super clever! And cute!)

Old Shoes Succulent Garden

3. Suitcases and Drawers (Love the way these are stacked too)

Suitcases and Drawers Succulent Garden

4. Old Bathtub (Another personal favorite! Does anyone have an old-fashioned tub hanging around?)

Old Bathtub Succulent Garden

5. Succulent Garden Letters


6. Old Wooden Pallet


7. Old Toolbox


8. Fountain

Succulent Fountain Garden

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