6 DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is so close I can practically smell the chill in the air, hear children laughing as they run from house to house, and feel my stomach ache because I ate entirely too much of the candy I bought to hand out to the kids (don’t act like you’re not guilty of this too!). So with Halloween rapidly approaching, there’s not better time to get prepped with some DIY Halloween Costumes. I’ve never been one for buying premade costumes…I’ve always been a huge fan of costumes that can work directly out of my closet with minimal “costume” pieces purchased. Accessories get a pass because we don’t always have a tiara comb or gold hat on hand, but I tend to like wearing real clothes that I will wear again. I think it’s just an excuse to be comfortable and buy new clothes! Here is part 1 of a 3 part series (check out part 2 here), starting off with 6 DIY Halloween Costumes along with info on where to get all the pieces pictured to complete the look!

1. Referee


Get the Look:
Black and White Striped Blouse
• Black Nikibiki Double Fiber Leggings
Yellow Penalty Flag

How to Commit to the Costume:
Make sure to regularly blow your whistle over anything you think has been done wrong or to get someones attention. If someone drops anything, throw the flag. You’ll also want to yell words like “Fumble, “Illegal Pass”, “Offside”, and “Holding”

2. Fitness Coach

Inspiration Image: Shutterstock

Get the Look:
Nikibiki Sport Basic Crop Top
Nikibiki Colorblock Contract Mesh Sport Capri
Microphone Headset
Nike Training Shoes

How to Commit to the Costume:
To commit to the fitness coach persona for this costume, you’re going to need to yell a lot of aggressive but encouraging sounding terms…for example, try screaming, “Is that all you got?!”, “You got this!”, “10 more reps!”, “Wooo!!!”, “Feel that burn!”. Basically every sentence you say while wearing this costume needs to end in an exclamation point or question mark.  (added bonus, you get to be super comfortable all night and now you have great new workout gear!)

3. Canadian Tuxedo

Inspiration Image: graveravens.com

Get the Look:
Denim Jean Jacket
Dark Stretch Skinny Jeans
Denim Chambray Shirt

How to Commit to the Costume:
The trick with this costume is the language. You’re going to want to include the following terms: “Eh?”, “Loonie”, “Kerfuffle”, and “Tim Hortons”. Refer to yourself only as a “canuck” and mention Hockey A LOT. Also, don’t forget that “ou” sounds like “oo”….ie: out sounds like oot, about sounds like aboot, etc.

4. Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Inspiration Image: vogue.com

Get the Look:
Nikibiki Sexy Shoulder Dress
Satin Gloves
Big Black Sunglasses
Tiara Comb
NYC Coffee Cup

How to Commit to the Costume:
I mean, this one is pretty obvious and iconic that you don’t have to do much to commit and convince people who you are. I’d recommend walking around with a danish all night and throwing as many random quotes as possible from Breakfast at Tiffany’s into conversations

5. Flashdance

Inspiration Image: NY Daily News

Get the Look:
Nikibiki Yoga/Training Shorts
Alternative Apparel Flashdance Sweatshirt
Nikibiki Smooth Racerback Tank Top
Red Pumps

How to Commit to the Costume:
This one is another iconic costume but to sell it, I recommend lots of dancing. Watch the movie prior to Halloween and get inspired and study some important dance moves to use throughout the night.

6. Betta Fish

Inspiration Image: petsit.com

Get the Look:
Mermaid Fish Scale Leggings
Sequin Bandeau

How to Commit to the Costume:
For this costume, the makeup really helps complete the look. Here is the awesome tutorial to get the look you see above. Betta fish are notoriously fighter fish and usually need to be alone in their tanks so I guess if you really want to commit to being a betta fish, keep to yourself for the evening and fight anyone that comes near you *disclaimer: it should be noted that we’re not seriously suggesting that you fight everyone*

This is only part 1 of a 3 part collection of DIY Halloween Costumes…Check out part 2 with 6 more DIY Halloween costumes here! We take Halloween VERY seriously here at Repeat Possessions!



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