• Top 10 Best YouTube Hair Tutorials Roundup!

    15 August, 2012 Uncategorized 0 Comment

    1. How to Do a Five-Strand Side Braid: Probably shouldn't have started with this one, but here's the good news...if you can get this one down, you'll have no trouble with the rest! Mimi does explain it the best I've seen, good luck! 2. How to Create a Textured Updo: Love this cute little updo! I've been wondering how to get a look ... Read more »

  • Summer Braids! – Part 2

    18 July, 2011 New Arrivals 0 Comment

    Last week, as some of you may remember I planned to embark on a summer braid adventure! Over the past week I have practiced french braiding my bangs back over and over... All I seemed to be able to achieve was a lop-sided mess of a knot... I was beginning to lose faith that I would ever become a real girl... when, at last! SUCCESS! Read more »

  • Summer braids! Not just a trend, a style must-do!

    Celebs are sporting braids every-which-way these days! The variety of styles are virtually endless! [gallery columns="5"] So how do us "normal" folk achieve looks like the above? No, the answer is not hire an octopus! Believe me, I wish I could... I am notoriously lazy with my hair. I hardly ever do it because I'm incapable of getting my wild mane to tame into any sort of recognizable shape. But I long for cute, ... Read more »