When You Find Something Good, You Just Need to Share

Sometimes you find something new and just want to share it.

Assembly line for an artichoke side dish

My girlfriend, Gretchen has been writing a blog called Veggie Grettie, A Healthy Life Served Vegan Style. Now, I am not a cook, (I leave that up to my fireman husband who has the culinary skills) nor a vegan, but somehow, I have been following along and getting sucked into her healthy way of cooking just because she makes it look so easy, which it is.

A couple of my favorites, but my list goes on……one is baking veggies. Simply, wash, spice them up an bake. Yes, us Mom’s are very busy, but it’s easier and healthier than many of the alternatives to food preparations. The one we all had fun with last night was the Awesomely Easy Artichoke side dish.

While only 3 kids were home for dinner and are able bodied……we each had a responsibility for this side dish. JJ cut the artichokes, Becky sliced the garlic and Tommy sliced the lemon. When we were done (within minutes) we put them under water, added salt, pepper, drizzled oil, topped with garlic & lemon slices then wrapped in tin foil. “Totally cinchy” the kids thought. One hour later…..yum! Now they have one more recipe in their reportore for when they have homes of their own and meals to prepare.

Thank you Grettie. We love the way you make life a little easier on us and get our family together to eat healthy without all the thinking. We know you’re done all the homework for us!

Check out Veggie Grettie’s blog and be sure to look thur the archives.

Read About Veggie Grettie

Gretchen is not only a friend, but a Repeat Possessions customer too!

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